The Cepheid period-luminosity zero-point from radial velocities and Hipparcos proper motions

Feast, Michael ; Pont, Frederic ; Whitelock, Patricia

In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1998, vol. 298, no. 2, p. L43-L44

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    A value for the zero-point (ρ) of the Cepheid period-luminosity relation, < MV >= 2.81 log P + ρ, is deduced by comparing the value of the Oort constant, A, derived from radial velocities with that derived from Hipparcos proper motions. We find in this way that ρ =−1.47 ± 0.13, in excellent agreement with the value derived from Hipparcos trigonometrical parallaxes, ρ = −1.43 ± 0.10, by Feast & Catchpole in a recent paper