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000029674 100__ $$aBothorel-Witz, Arlette$$uEA 1339 GEPE-LiLPa, Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
000029674 245__ $$9fre$$aLes représentations du plurilinguisme et de la gestion  de la diversité linguistique dans les entreprises : les imbrications entre une monophonie collective et la polyphonie des énonciateurs singuliers
000029674 269__ $$c2012
000029674 520__ $$9eng$$aThematic interviews with around twenty executives working in five multinational companies (located in Alsace) have allowed us to reveal their representations and perceptions about their linguistic practices at work, about their multilingual skills and, finally, about the actions or measures that the companies (implicitly or explicitly) advocate on language management. Discourse analysis has highlighted certain widely-shared representations, both within a company or among different companies, which indicate the support or the submission to a dominant ideology that is at the base of group identity. However, during interactions, this collective monophony contrasts with more personal positions (individual representations) which modify the agents’ relations to established representations (support, detachment or rejection). Our focus is thus placed on these differences or tensions, in order to identify more accurately the problematic aspects of multilingualism and of linguistic and cultural diversity management in companies.
000029674 695__ $$9eng$$alinguistic ideology ; social representations ; company ; multilingualism ; discourse analysis ; polyphony ; monophony
000029674 700__ $$aTsamadou-Jacoberger, Irini$$uEA 1339 GEPE-LiLPa, Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
000029674 773__ $$cLüdi, Georges$$dAssociation suisse de linguistique appliquée (VALS-ASLA)$$g2012/35//57-73$$tBulletin VALS-ASLA
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