Endophthalmitis Due to Microbacterium Species: Case Report and Review of Microbacterium Infections

Funke, Guido ; Haase, Gerhard ; Schnitzler, Norbert ; Schrage, Norbert ; Reinert, Ralf René

In: Clinical Infectious Diseases, 1997, vol. 24, no. 4, p. 713-716

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    Microbacterium species (formerly CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] coryneform group A-4 and A-5 bacteria) are widely distributed in the environment and rarely cause infections in humans. We present a case of endophthalmitis due to Microbacterium species that occurred after accidental trauma and review the literature on microbacterium infections. If the infected tissue or medical device is removed and antimicrobial therapy (preferably with β-lactams or glycopeptides) is instituted, the prognosis is usually favorable for patients with microbacterium infections