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000029620 100__ $$aRuedin, Didier$$uInstitut forum suisse des migrations, Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines, Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland
000029620 245__ $$9eng$$aThe Representation of Women in National Parliaments: A Cross-national Comparison
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000029620 520__ $$9eng$$aWomen’s representation in national parliaments is examined using a large cross-national sample. Initially, the article seems to confirm previous findings that the electoral formula and quotas are good predictors for the proportion of women in parliament. In line with some recent contributions, this article finds that the proportion of women in parliament is explicable in terms of culture—particularly attitudes towards women as political leaders. It appears that regional differences reflect differences in attitudes relevant to women’s political representation. Drawing on recent developments on gender quotas and insights on the influence of attitudes on gender representation, in this article, quotas and measured attitudes are considered at the same time. Once controlling for regional or cultural differences, the provision of voluntary party quotas does not appear to be significant at the national level. The results are tested for robustness over time, and using a subsample of OECD countries. This article provides further evidence for a strong association between cultural factors and the proportion of women in parliament.
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000029620 918__ $$aFaculté des lettres et sciences humaines$$bEspace Louis-Agassiz 1, 2001 Neuchâtel$$cInstitut forum suisse des migrations
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