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000029442 100__ $$aGuerra, Giuliano$$d1981-11-04
000029442 245__ $$9eng$$aDeterminants of immigrant self-employment rates and self-employment transitions$$bevidence from Switzerland
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000029442 502__ $$92012-03-06$$aThèse de doctorat : Università della Svizzera italiana, 2012 ; 2012ECO001
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000029442 520__ $$9eng$$aThe thesis focuses on the determinants of immigrant self-employment rates and self-employment transitions. The research is  divided into three chapters. The focus of the first essay is on the effects of group characteristics and market conditions on  self-employment propensity of immigrants. The results show that group characteristics such as linguistic ability and time  elapsed since immigration, as well as market conditions such as the ethnic concentration of immigrants and the overall level of  unemployment, matter in determining the local level of entrepreneurship among immigrants. The second essay focuses on the  relevance of spatial spillovers in entrepreneurial aggregate decision outcomes. The results show that the presence of native  entrepreneurs within local units, as well as the presence of immigrant entrepreneurs living in adjacent communities, provide  successful examples (role models) for immigrant entrepreneurship. Finally, the analysis narrows down on the effects of job  (dis-) satisfaction on the propensity to transit into self-employment, given a previous wage employment status. The results  given in the third essay show that job satisfaction variables significantly affect the probabilities of both self-employment entries  and job quits. Those who choose self-employment tend to do so in reaction to low levels of pecuniary satisfaction, while job  quitters are more reactive to nonpecuniary dissatisfaction.
000029442 695__ $$9eng$$aSelf-employment ; Immigrants ; Switzerland ; Role models ; Spatial lag ; Job satisfaction ; Job transition
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