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Zu Anglizismen in den deutschen Standardvarietäten

Schmidlin, Regula

In: Sprachkontakt und Mehrsprachigkeit. Zur Anglizismendiskussion in Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und Italien., 2008, p. 255-266

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    This paper focuses on the different use of anglicisms in German standard varieties, on regionally specific attitudes towards anglicisms and on anglicisms as national and regional variants of standard German. Use and attitudes have been studied by means of an internet questionnaire in which 908 speakers in the whole German speaking area have taken part. It can be shown that speakers of east-middle Germany (part of the former GDR) are significantly more critical of anglicisms than speakers of other regions. Furthermore, a critical attitude towards anglicisms does not correlate with a critical attitude towards the general acceptance of national and regional variants of standard German in written language. As to anglicisms as national and regional variants, helveticisms seem to be more frequent than austriacisms and teutonisms. Most anglo-helveticisms belong to the category of sports.