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000029382 100__ $$aDunkel, Anke$$d1983-02-15
000029382 245__ $$9eng$$aMicro-cultural differences in Switzerland$$bThe effectiveness of targeted promotional messages in the field of organ donation
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000029382 502__ $$92011-07-04$$aThèse de doctorat : Università della Svizzera italiana, 2011 ; 2011COM006
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000029382 520__ $$9eng$$aPublic information campaigns have played an important role in increasing awareness of organ donation and the need for more organ donors. In a recent  study, it was found that awareness and knowledge, regarding organ donation, represented only two of several factors in people’s decisions to engage in  organ donation-related behaviors (Schulz et al., 2006). In addition, it was noted that the three main language groups in Switzerland differ substantially with  respect to the influential factors in their organ donation decisions. A plethora of studies have examined cultural differences in health-related behavior.  Existing studies tend to examine wide cultural differences or racial subcultures in the United States. This study aims at examining the role of cultural micro- variation, building on the previous study of organ donation in Switzerland. More specifically, the proposed research seeks to test the implications of these  cultural differences as they relate to the design of targeted promotional campaigns for pro-social behavior. The study also applies communication theory  concepts in the design of effective, targeted communication strategies to promote organ donation as an important example of health-related pro-social  behavior. The study will test the effectiveness of differentiated communication messages within a small, very diverse country.
000029382 695__ $$9eng$$aOrgan donation ; transplantation ; micro-cultural diversity ; Switzerland ; targeting ; health ; health messages ; health communication ; health campaigns ; social marketing
000029382 700__ $$aSchulz, Peter$$eDir.
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