Candidemia from a Urinary Tract Source: Microbiological Aspects and Clinical Significance

Ang, B. S. P. ; Telenti, A. ; King, B. ; Steckelberg, J. M. ; Wilson, W. R.

In: Clinical Infectious Diseases, 1993, vol. 17, no. 4, p. 662-666

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    Twenty-six cases of candidemia associated with a well-defined urinary tract source were retrospectively identified and reviewed. Urinary tract abnormalities were present in 23 of 26 patients (88%), 19 (73%) of whom had urinary tract obstruction. Nineteen patients had undergone urinary tract procedures before the onset of candidemia. Episodes of candidemia were brief and low-grade in intensity (median duration, 1 day; median colony count, 1.5 cfu/10 mL of blood). Only eight patients (31%) received ⩾500 mg of amphotericin B. There were five in-hospital deaths (19%); two of these deaths were attributed to candidiasis. No late complications of candidemia were documented for the surviving patients. Patients with urologic pathology and candiduria who undergo surgery or manipulation of the urinary tract are at significant risk for candidemia, and further studies should examine the issue of administration of prophylaxis to this group