New distance and depth estimates from observations of eclipsing binaries in the SMC

North, Pierre L. ; Gauderon, Romain ; Royer, Frédéric

In: Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, 2008, vol. 4, no. S256, p. 57-62

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    A sample of 33 eclipsing binaries observed in a field of the SMC with FLAMES@VLT is presented. The radial velocity curves obtained, together with existing OGLE light curves, allowed the determination of all stellar and orbital parameters of these binary systems. The mean distance modulus of the observed part of the SMC is 19.05 mag, based on the 26 most reliable systems. Assuming an average error of 0.1 mag on the distance modulus to an individual system, and a gaussian distribution of the distance moduli, we obtain a 2-σ depth of 0.36 mag or 10.6 kpc. Some results on the kinematics of the binary stars and of the H ii gas are also given