Oral Treatment for Mycobacterium ulcerans Infection: Results From a Pilot Study in Benin

Chauty, Annick ; Ardant, Marie-Françoise ; Marsollier, Laurent ; Pluschke, Gerd ; Landier, Jordi ; Adeye, Ambroise ; Goundoté, Aimé ; Cottin, Jane ; Ladikpo, Titilola ; Ruf, Therese ; Ji, Baohong

In: Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2011, vol. 52, no. 1, p. 94-96

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    Mycobacterium ulcerans infection is responsible for severe skin lesions in sub-Saharan Africa. We enrolled 30 Beninese patients with Buruli ulcers in a pilot study to evaluate efficacy of an oral chemotherapy using rifampicin plus clarithromycin during an 8-week period. The treatment was well tolerated, and all patients were healed by 12 months after initiation of therapy without relapse