Stellar evolution models at the Magellanic Cloud metallicities

Hirschi, Raphael ; Ekström, Sylvia ; Georgy, Cyril ; Meynet, Georges ; Maeder, André

In: Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, 2008, vol. 4, no. S256, p. 337-342

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    The Magellanic Clouds are great laboratories to study the evolution of stars at two metallicities lower than solar. They provide excellent testbeds for stellar evolution theory and in particular for the impact of metallicity on stellar evolution. It is important to test stellar evolution models at metallicities lower than solar in order to use the models to predict the evolution and properties of the first stars. In these proceedings, after recalling the effects of metallicity, we present stellar evolution models including the effects of rotation at the Magellanic Clouds metallicities. We then compare the models to various observations (ratios of sub-groups of massive stars and supernovae, nitrogen surface enrichment and gamma-ray bursts) and show that the models including the effects of rotation reproduce most of the observational constraints