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Transmission des langues natives aux deuxièmes générations : le cas de la diaspora indienne en Europe Nordique et occidentale

Haque, Shahzaman

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2010, vol. 52, p. 29-50

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    In the matter of migrant families the language transmission and language practices are often subjected to issues related to national, family and local language(s) policies. This paper aims to explore the salient features of these issues concerning four Indian families as an in-depth case study, who have migrated to France, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Here fewer investigations have been conducted related to transmission of native languages on the migrant Indian community. Through the prism of sociolinguistic-ethnographic approach, it was possible to sift various measures taken by the authority and family members in order to transmit the language to the second generation. The national language policy on education of the concerned host societies prescribes the role, function and infrastructure for the teaching and development of migrant languages which is however ineffective as claimed by immigrant parents. In such event, the role of parents becomes crucial to formulate and execute decisive steps regarding implementation of the native languages inside the home.