GRAPHIC: The Geneva Reduction and Analysis Pipeline for High-contrast Imaging of planetary Companions

Hagelberg, Janis ; Ségransan, Damien ; Udry, Stéphane ; Wildi, François

In: Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, 2013, vol. 8, no. S299, p. 38-39

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    We present a new analysis and reduction pipeline for the detection of planetary companions using Angular Differential Imaging. The pipeline uses Fourier transforms for image shifting and rotation in order to achieve very low signal loss. Furthermore it is parallelised in order to run on computer clusters of up to 1024 cores. The pipeline was developed in Geneva for the ongoing direct imaging campaign for stars with radial velocity drifts in the HARPS and CORALIE radial-velocity planet-search surveys. In addition to that, a disk mode has been implemented in the context of observations of the protoplanetary disk around HD142527