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000029027 100__ $$aHaurie, Alain$$uUniversité de Genève
000029027 245__ $$9eng$$aA stochastic control model of economic growth with environmental disaster prevention
000029027 269__ $$c2006
000029027 520__ $$9eng$$aThis paper proposes a capital accumulation model with a random stopping time corresponding to the occurrence of an environmental catastrophe. Depending on the preventive capital stock accumulated at the time of the catastrophe, the damage cost associated with the catastrophe varies. The long-term behavior of the optimal accumulation path is analyzed using turnpike theory. The case where the catastrophe process is uncontrolled is distinguished from the case where there is an anthropogenic effect on the probability of an occurrence. Intergenerational equity issues are discussed. Numerical experiments with an adaptation of the integrated assessment model DICE94 are proposed to explore the model responses.
000029027 695__ $$9eng$$astochastic control ; stochastic jump processes ; preventive control ; optimal economic growth ; global climate risk
000029027 700__ $$aMoresino, Francesco$$uHaute école de gestion de Genève
000029027 773__ $$g2006/42/8/1417–1428$$tAutomatica
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