Ontology-driven word recommendation for mobile Web search

Aréchiga, Daniel ; Crestani, Fabio ; Vegas, Jesús

In: The Knowledge Engineering Review, 2014, vol. 29, no. 2, p. 186-200

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    The Web search has special characteristics against the desktop search when realized from mobile devices. To establish an improvement within this paradigm, an option is to take into account the context from which the search is developed. To conceptualize the mobile context, we propose the use of ontologies, which will include the device characteristics, environmental conditions and user preferences, among other term conceptualizations. This context definition would be used to determinate the behavior of a word recommendation when searching from mobile devices. As an essential process of creating this context ontology, we have made a real user's evaluation of the ontology terms by means of a survey. This paper shows a brief introduction to the project and focuses mainly on the results obtained in this concept's evaluation