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000028878 100__ $$aKidd, Bruce
000028878 245__ $$9eng$$aSport for development and the Olympic Movement
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000028878 520__ $$9eng$$aAcademic literature on Olympic education is available in many countries, highlighting the history, concepts, teaching approaches, and many other aspects of this issue. Some authors have identified close links to physical education, whereas other authors of publications about physical education have not mentioned Olympic education at all. This paper begins by outlining key terms in the discussion, and also suggests that the competitive elements usually associated with Olympism might discourage some educators from including Olympic education into their curricula. The paper presents as well selected contributions of the IOC to Olympic education and makes recommendations and highlights current initiatives that advance Olympism beyond competition. These initiatives include the IOC’s “Olympism in Action” programmes that focus on issues such as “development through sport”, “sport for all”, “women and sport” and “sport and the environment”. Other recommendations and suggestions include considering Whitehead’s (2010) concept of “physical literacy” in the context of Olympic education, and encouraging improved communication and cooperation between various institutions and organisations such as schools, universities, NOCs, NOAs, the IOA, Bid and Host Cities, Youth Olympic Games and hosts of conferences on physical education and sport. Finally, in order to help promote the full potential of Olympic education, this paper recommends reinforcing the role of the IOC Olympic Studies Centre and continuing the analysis of strengths and weaknesses found in current networks of organisations and institutes.
000028878 695__ $$9fre$$asport ; développement ; origines ; évolution ; Nations Unies ; résultats de recherche ; Mouvement olympique
000028878 695__ $$9eng$$aSport for development ; origins ; evolution ; United Nations ; research findings ; Olympic Movement
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