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000028649 100__ $$aOliver, Robert D.
000028649 245__ $$9eng$$aToronto’s olympic ambitions$$ban investigation of the olympic bidding legacy in one modern city
000028649 269__ $$c2011-12-30
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000028649 490__ $$aFinal report submitted to the IOC Olympic Studies Centre in the framework of the Postgraduate Research Grant Programme 2011
000028649 520__ $$9eng$$aToronto has failed to secure the right to the host the Olympic Games on five different occasions (1960, 1964, 1976, 1996, 2008). This research expands the concept of Olympic legacy to include the bidding process and investigates what Toronto’s Olympic bid efforts have accomplished. Previous research has shown that Toronto’s Olympic bids do not emerge from a love of sport, instead they have been driven by the desire to use the Olympic Games as a vehicle to stimulate a large scale redevelopment of Toronto’s waterfront (Oliver 2011). Toronto’s most recent bid did produce a serious public debate about urban waterfront renewal in Toronto. Less clear is the result of the bidding process on the local sport landscape. This research demonstrates that sport and recreation are not seen as important pieces of the city’s public infrastructure and consequently Toronto has had to place its hope on the legacies of hosting (or winning), which even if ultimately successful, might represent a losing strategy for sport development.
000028649 695__ $$9fre$$acandidature olympique ; Toronto ; héritage ; sport ; développement du front de mer
000028649 695__ $$9eng$$aOlympic bid ; Toronto ; legacy ; sport ; waterfront development
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