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000028645 100__ $$aGarcía, Beatriz
000028645 245__ $$9eng$$aThe London 2012 Cultural Olympiad$$ba new model for nation-wide Olympic cultural legacy
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000028645 520__ $$9eng$$aThe London 2012 Games will mark 100 years of official Olympic cultural programming and aspire to present the largest Cultural Olympiad yet, reaching out to the whole of the UK and providing full integration between Olympic and Paralympic cultural activity. The original bid for culture promised to engage youth and overcome barriers to participation from all social groups. To make this aspiration a reality, the Cultural Programme is being delivered not only by a culture team within the Organising Committee for the Games, but also thirteen creative programmers based in every UK region and nation. This unprecedented management framework has been made possible by the commitment of public stakeholders to ensure the Games leave a widespread legacy and the establishment of special funding arrangements for cultural activity inspired by the Games. London 2012 has created distinct activity identifiers such as the ‘Inspired by 2012’ mark, to maximise programming inclusion without challenging established Olympic global marketing guidelines. The range of managerial, funding and promotional innovations in the context of the Cultural Olympiad have created opportunities to maximise access and engagement to Games related activity throughout the country. But it has also involved important challenges in terms of synergy of vision, communications and Games association which point at the ongoing struggle to position the Cultural Olympiad as a core dimension of the Olympic and Paralympic experience
000028645 695__ $$9fre$$aOlympiade culturelle ; festival des arts olympique ; politique culturelle ; relais de la torche ; marque ; synérgie olympique et paralympique ; Grande-Bretagne ; participation ; programme culturel régional
000028645 695__ $$9eng$$aCultural Olympiad ; Olympic art festival ; cultural policy ; torch relay ; branding ; Olympic and Paralympic synergy ; UK-wide participation ; regional cultural programmes
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000028645 982__ $$aArticle du Comité de sélection 2011 = Article of the Selection Committee 2011
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