Clandestine radios and concealed kitchens

Carter, Nathan

Paris : Onestar Press, 2010

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    Tiré du site de Onestar Press: "What do Agent Katsudon, Agent Yeni Raki,The Countess Vodcula, The Albatross, The Sicilian, The Chef de Cuisine, Mr. Bernard, Agent Bobcat, The Buddha and the "WAH" have in common ? They all belong to a mysterious fraternity of darkly bespectacled agents and clandestine radio/signal operators who navigate a maze of shifting loyalties and alliances while risking their lives in sensational car chases. They send encrypted messages into the foggy ether of the night sky and then have a savory snack baked in a concealed kitchen, embedded with a piece of micro-film alluding to future covert affairs. Allies could potentially be enemies. Loyalty is bought, betrayal is a way of life and in Paris there are often several ways to look at things…".