XX Olympic Winter Games Torino 2006 = XX Giochi olimpici invernali Torino 2006

Organising Committee for the Olympic Winter Games in Turin in 2006

Torino : TOROC, 2007

Official Report of the XX Olympic Winter Games in Torino in 2006

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    The official report of Torino 2006 is composed of three volumes, including three CD-ROMs. Volumes 1, “Final report”, and 2, “Sustainability report”, were published as a bilingual English/Italian edition. Only volume 3, a souvenir book entitled “Portraits”, is trilingual, including French. The three CD-ROMs contain, respectively: the “Final report”, the “Candidature report” as a trilingual version, and the full results by sport. Vol.1 Part I: The territory ; TOROC ; Torino 2006-Games in numbers ; Unique, unforgettable Games ; People ; The venues ; The sport.- Vol.1 Part II: Client services ; Support services ; Security ; Technology ; Environment ; Communication ; Olympic marketing ; Broadcasting ; Games planning & IOC liaison ; Operations steering ; Torino's Municipality and the XX Olympic Winter Games.- Vol.2 Part I: Foreword ; Introduction ; TOROC ; The event ; Sustainibility policies ; Responsibility, integrity and transparency ; Participation and dissemination.- Vol.2 Part II: Sustainibility and environment ; Non discrimination and freedom, solidarity, minors ; Life, health and safety ; Culture ; Financial report ; Attachment 1,2 ; Main bibliographic and legislative references ; TOROC.- Vol.3 Part I: The build-up to the Games ; The Olympic flame ; The opening ceremony.- Vol.3 Part II: Passion is courage ; Passion is teamwork ; Passion is speed ; Passion is style ; Passion is hard work.- Vol.3 Part III: The closing ceremony ; Torino 2006 people