Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines

Les procédés de prise en charge énonciative dans trois genres de textes expositifs

Plazaola Giger, lizier ; Rosat, Marie-Claude ; Canelas Trevisi, Sandra

In: Bulletin VALS-ASLA, 1995, vol. 61, p. 11-33

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    The aim of the article is to show that the processes of enunciative undertaJeing, i.e. traces of a plural enunciative instance (consisting of a first locutor, of a second locutor and of an enunciaior), are different in three genres of enunciative explamltory texts: the Manual, the Encyclopaedia, the daily Newspaper. The analysis points out a majority of undertaking processes, traces of the first locutor in the Manual and the Encyclopaedia, that is in the two genres which reftmnulate a referential scientific discourse. Whereas, the analysis reoeals that in the daily Newspaper, a genre consisting of the overlapping of a variety of âiscourses having to do with current events, the trace processes of "other ooices" (second locutor and enunciator) are slightly more numerous.