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000021873 100__ $$aEckmann, Monique
000021873 245__ $$9eng$$aDiversity and Gender Policies at Kean University
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000021873 520__ $$9eng$$aThis text is written from the perspective of a Swiss scholar in residence in an American University, and it aims to inform European colleagues within a Swiss research group dealing with the question of "managing diversity and gender in universities". The starting point of the Swiss research is the fact that in Swiss Higher education gender policy measures have been raise. However no concrete guidelindes exist which indicate how tu combine both dimensions. This text does not intend an exhaustive description, but wants to focus on policy measures and some particular points, especially the categories used, and some practices which might be "best practices". It is interesting however, to confront European views to American views, and to state how mich these views are a product of its history and of each national context.
000021873 695__ $$9fre$$adiversité ; études genre ; politique ; université ; Etats-Unis ; Europe
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