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Quelques considérations sur l'étayage dans une situation d'évaluation particulière: le jeu symbolique

Rodi, Mireille ; Moser, Cécile

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 1998, vol. 29, p. 135-153

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    During our work for the diploma in speech therapy, we concentrated on the problem of assessing children's language abilities in discursive-interactive perspective (language analysis in interaction). Within this framework, we chose the pretend play situation in order to assess certain linguistic and pragmatic capacities in a child with developmental language disorders (dld) an in a child without, each interacting with a speech and language therapist, and then with his/her mother. Our results have shown relevant elements about adults scaffolding in child's language. Firstly, the child with dld requires an important amount of adult scaffolding at the various levels of analysis (the verbal participation, the interaction plannification, the use of communicative functions). Secondly, different interlocutors implie different scaffoldings and influence notably on the child's language. This shows, in our opinion, the necessity to consider the impact that our own language has on a child's language production and to integrate it into an evaluative perspective.