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Difficultés d’acquisition du langage écrit chez des enfants sourds: de la langue des signes (LSF) à l’écrit, rôle de l’orthophoniste

Prelaz, Anne-Claude

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2000, vol. 33, p. 111-119

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    Reflection focuses on the role of the speech therapist in charge of deaf children in a blingual education. Our hypothesis is that, if the deaf child can develop linguistics skills in a first accessible language, he’ll reach more easily the second language (in this text to written French). Our article is based on our experience and on different studies to analyse which are the abilities required to develop written language. Our argument is also based on the observation that speech therapy and more generaly education of the deaf child is rarely truly bilingual. Subsequent questions are to define which are or should be the place and role of sign language in the deaf child’s education and what are the tools professionals (and more specifically speech therapists) can use to develop this first language’s skills.