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Genèse(s) et changement(s) grammaticaux: quelques modestes leçons tirées de l’émergence des créoles et de l’acquisition des langues étrangères

Veronique, Daniel

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2001, vol. 34-35, p. 273-303

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    The following article considers a few mechanisms of the linguistic change that occur at the grammatical and lexical functionings level. The linguistic phenomena that stem from these mechanisms can be seen in the socio-linguistic macro context of the speeches autonomisation and vehicularisation. This article examines the development of the morphosyntactic and semantic propriety of finiteness and its grammatical effects on French as a foreign language as well as on the genesis of French Creoles. Its author makes an attempt at clarifying the role of re-analysis and grammaticalisation in the emergence and development of a verbal aspecto-temporal system in the analysed data. He goes on to describe the different stages of manifestation of a verbal morphological flexion in French as a foreign language as well as in French Creoles. The change that can be seen in these data relies upon the tension between the motivation and iconicity of the primary grammatical functionings on the one hand and the arbitrariness due to the appending of a finiteness marker, on the other.