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Choix d’une mesure thérapeutique en fonction des ressources langagières de l’enfant. Approche discursive – interactive

Rodi, Mireille ; Seydoux, Nadine

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2003, vol. 38-39, p. 77-100

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    Many official departments offering speach and language therapies are overloaded and not able to meet all the needs. This situation is due to a large number of requests made by parents worried about their child’s language development and to the few possibilities of therapy these departments can offer. The «Centre Logopédique et Pédagogique (CLP) de Moudon», also affected by this phenomenon has decided to carry out a research project based on the first interview, in collaboration with the University of Neuchâtel. This procedure attends to (better) assess the inner resources of the child and of his surrounding in order to take advantage of them. The expected benefit is the possibility of setting up some adequate therapeutic indications which could be different from an individual therapy.