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Construction institutionnelle des discours: idéologies et pratiques dans une organisation supranationale

Duchêne, Alexandre

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2004, vol. 40, p. 93-115

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    The purpose of this article is to explore the way a supranational institution is imposing diverse forms of regulations on the production of discourse, and to interrogate the reasons for these choices and their consequences on the language practices within the institution. The research is built on the analysis of summary records, a frequently used text in different bodies of the specific institution I am working on: The United Nations. After exploring the general concerns of the UN about the documentation, I will explicate the underlying ideologies that appear in the instruction manuals for the writing of summary records. In finishing I will make a comparative analysis based on two different oral communications and their original summary records, focusing on the process of textualisation/transposition. This will allow me to interrogate the status of these specific documents within the ideology of the institution, but also to show how theideology of objectivity, central for the institution, is reflected through the linguistic conceptions and institutional practices.