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Identité multimodale des intervenants, suivi à long terme de troubles du langage et hyperactivité: de la thérapie au réseau

Traube, Raymond ; Béard, Marie-Noëlle ; Rosenbaum, Francine

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2005, vol. 42, p. 173-188

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    We present a mode of intervention who associates at the speech and medical care of children a regular network with the school, the therapists and the family. The initial evaluation of child and family is newly summarized. A specific medication is given. The symbolic content which emerges in a speech therapy can be interpreted. We present a model of the network care. The identity of the children therapist, namely the speech therapist and the child psychiatrist, is focused in the developmental immaturity, the symbolic inner world richness, and the behavioural disturbances for the adults. The therapists develops then a guidance and coach identity. The number of interventors in a network need a special warning for the possible respective counter-attitudes.