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Communication et langage du jeune enfant: actions de prévention précoce pour une intégration sociale réussie

Bo, Agnès ; Kunz, Laurence ; Devevey, Alain

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2005, vol. 42, p. 159-171

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    The number of children with delayed language is increasing in vulnerable environment. Three types of preventing actions are proposed: screening, specific teaching to teachers and parents/children workshops. Coupling these 3 different approches allows to improve the language abilities of the children, and the children / teachers and children / parencts interactions. Material and methods: children were assessed by the means of 2 standardized tests, TVAP (Deltour 1998) and DPL3 (Coquet, 1996). The results permitted to define 3 groups: children without language disabilities (GR 1), borderline children (GR 2) and children with communicative and/or language impairment (GR 3). Teachers were submitted to a HANEN program (learning Language and Loving It). Parents were enrolled in a workshop on pragmatic interactions in language (CLSC orleans Québec). Children were post-tested using TVAP and DPL3. Results: children ciming from GR 1 an GR 2 displayed increased language abilities after the programs but no children from GR 3 (with language impairment).