Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines

«La directura curaschusa ....» oder Die sprachliche Gleichberechtigung im Rätoromanischen

Dazzi Gross, Anna-Alice ; Caduff, Ester

In: Bulletin VALS-ASLA, 2000, vol. 72, p. 47-61

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    Linguistic equality in Romansh has no doubt received more attention since the 1980s when the new standard Romansh language (Rumantsch Grischun) was created. Today, however, the discussion has slowed down a bit. Given the fact that a great amount of Romansh texts are translations from German, linguistic equality in Romansh texts depends to a high degree on the German original. If the German original text strives for linguistic equality, the Romansh translation will adopt it as well. There is often a great discussion whether a sexist German text should be changed into a non-sexist or less sexist Romansh translation. Romansh translators time and again point out linguistic inequalities to their clients. Sometimes this even results in a subsequent change of the German text. Nevertheless, careful listeners, watchers and readers almost daily meet sexist usage of language in German as well as in Romansh.