Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines

Note sull’insegnamento dell’italiano nei licei ginevrini

Ferrari, Angela ; Sulmoni Vaissade, Valeria

In: Bulletin VALS-ASLA, 2001, vol. 73, p. 123-135

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    This work explores the position of the teaching of Italian in Geneva highschools, paying particular attention to the changes due to the reformation of the study programmes according to the ORRM ‘95. Firstly, after a detailed description of the new set of choices within which Italian stands, we asked ourselves how many pupils choose Italian, and primarily, what percentage of these takes Italian as a major. This analysis has allowed us to focus on a series of problems connected with teaching second languages in the present «maturité» system (school leavers final set of examinations taken at ages 18/19). It has also helped us profile several types of «new» Italian pupils. Secondly, we have made a number of suggestions useful in elaborating the new Italian teaching programmes (which so far have only been sketched out), and in choosing a new L2 Italian students’ book, «the one presently in use having been unanimously found unsatisfactory». Finally, we concluded by considering the university courses offered to teachers as refreshers, as well as the opportunities offered to French speakers intending to study the Italian language and Italian literature.