Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines

Zur Interdependenz emotionaler und kognitiver Faktoren im Rahmen eines Modells zur Beschreibung sukzessiven multiplen Sprachenlernens

Hufeisen, Britta ; Gibson, Martha

In: Bulletin VALS-ASLA, 2003, vol. 78, p. 13-33

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    This paper has two goals; the first is to present an in-depth analysis of the interactive relationship of emotional and cognitive factors, e.g. motivation and metalinguistic awareness respectively, during the process of multiple language learning in general, and during the activation of foreign language vocabulary in particular. The second is to focus in detail on the connection between this multilingual lexical search process and the degree of metalinguistic awareness as shown by multilingual learners. While translating a short text from an unknown language into their current foreign language, these participants exhibited varying degrees of both motivation and metalinguistic awareness, which had a direct impact on their success on this cognitively, linguistically and metalinguistically demanding task.