Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines

Savoirs professionnels et construction sociodiscursive de l'agir

Vanhulle, Sabine

In: Bulletin VALS-ASLA, 2009, vol. 90, p. 167-188

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    Our research aims at understanding the construction of professional knowledge by teachers in initial training. Our data is extracted from students' portfolios in which they collect their "reflexive texts". The analysis conducted on these texts reveals the constructed nature and the content of their own professional knowledge. How do students articulate referential knowledge, whether derived from scientific research, prescriptions or social practices, with their personal experiential knowledge? On which bases do students construct meanings vital to the conception underlying their actions and their socio-professional identity? In order to address these issues, our analyses are based on socio-semiotic criteria. They take into account the social frameworks, educational mediations and personal development processes in which knowledge, discourses and logic of action combine to constitute forms of knowledge wavering between adaptive learning and subjectivation.