Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines

Doing gender au journal télévisé: approche ethnométhodologique d'un récit médiatique

Malbois, Fabienne

In: Bulletin VALS-ASLA, 2007, vol. 85, p. 203-221

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    Doing the ethnomethodology of a French TV news, this article aims to highlight some of the typical features of news story, and the way that one mobilizes sex categories for broadcasting. Taking into account the discursive components provided by the audiovisual text (talk, picture, caption and sound), I look at first into the means displayed for producing the facticitiy, the reality, the "publicity" and the "newsworthiness" of the event which is reported. Afterwards, in relation to the representation of a "doing gender" which ends the "recognition-type description" of the main protagonist of the story, I focus on the issue of the televisual accomplishment of an identity which is both professional and sexual. Actually, I will show that that character is not an authentic stockbreeder as far as it is a woman too. Raising that point, I will bring finally some clarifications concerning the analysis of sex categories, the question of their saliency in interaction more particularly.