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Donner à voir le débat politique. La réalisation en direct d'un débat télévisé

Bovet, Alain

In: Bulletin VALS-ASLA, 2007, vol. 85, p. 181-202

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    Television debates can be approached as the filming of talk in interaction. The TV crew creates a live representation, which is witness to, and utilizes, the ordinary intelligibility of speech exchanges. The paper proposes the analysis of the filming of a short sequence. A first participation framework is made visible on the screen through a succession of shots presenting the panellist currently talking and his opponents. An alternative participation framework emerges when a new shot shows the host of the debate, who has not appeared on screen during the panellist's turn at talk. That shot makes visible the host's impending turn-taking. The resources for such an anticipation of participation frame shifting lie in the design of the panellist's turn. The turn moves from a critique of his adversaries to an accusation of partiality addressed to the host. During that sequence, the right to talk becomes what is at stake. Professional (TV) filming of talk appears then as liable to align with and make visible one of the alternative participation frameworks.