Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines

Text und Interaktion im Strasseninterview: eine geographische Untersuchung

Strebel, Ignaz

In: Bulletin VALS-ASLA, 2007, vol. 85, p. 161-180

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    Based on video recordings, this article discusses how interviewers deliver a questionnaire to passers-by in the largely uncontrolled and uncontrollable setting of the street, and how this text is used to 'translate' everyday experiences and practices into a scientific framework. Written by a geographer, this article asks how participants locally administrate the questionnaire as a mobile and distributable text that, once filled in, can be sent back to the research centre where survey data is centralised and evaluated. Two instances will be discussed in which this geographical order of the questionnaire text is accomplished. Firstly, the article describes how an interviewer achieves the requirement of an interview for standardised oral questioning by reading from the questionnaire sheet. Secondly, the paper focuses on how another interviewer, together with her interview partners, formulate and identify the objects of interest for the interview in order to make adequate entries on the questionnaire, so that they can be used for further scientific investigation.