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Matériel ludique, métalangage et pistes thérapeutiques : méthodologie de quelques études de psycholinguistique développementale

Monney, Viviane

In: Revue Tranel (Travaux neuchâtelois de linguistique), 2007, vol. 46, p. 69-83

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    In this contribution we present several studies which can be viewed as exploring, in children with or without language disorders, pragmatic and metalinguistic abilities in relation with Theory Of Mind. We are focusing on the methodological aspects of the reported studies. Specific communicative situations are presented: transmission of messages, injunctive dialogue, understanding of irony, detection and repair of conversational breakdown and of misunderstanding. Experimental settings and procedures are considered to be particularly relevant for the study of pragmatic development. In some of the studies, the interviewed children are direct conversational partners, whereas in other studies, they are overhearers of dialogues between Playmobil® characters. Both types of situations involve play and are thus source of fun and amusement to children of all ages. Discussion bears on the ecological validity of the methodologies used and on their possible adaptation on the field of clinical evaluation and therapy of pragmatic disorders.