Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines

Erfahrungen mit Immersionsunterricht aus der Perspektive von Maturandinnen und Maturanden und ihren Lehrpersonen. Eine Bestandesaufnahme

Frei, Ursula

In: Bulletin VALS-ASLA, 2009, vol. 89, p. 199-212

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    At the point of graduating a bilingual secondary education, how do Matura graduates evaluate their experience with immersion classes and what influence does the bilingual Matura have on their career and study plans as well as on their future job? This report discusses motivation, attitudes and experiences with regards to immersion classes from the perspectives of both teachers and students. The case in point is the Gymnasium Muristalden in Berne, which since 2002 has been successfully carrying out bilingual Matura classes using English as the second language. The following subjects are taught through the immersion language: Maths, Biology, Physics and Geography. Following the request of the school, the language competence of the Matura graduates has not been evaluated. Matura grades in the immersion subjects have been used to facilitate a comparison of the subject competence of pupils from the bilingual classes as opposed to that of the pupils from non-bilingual classes.