• New collection: Pro Fribourg

  • New collection: Institute of Systems Engineering

  • New collection: University of Teacher Education Fribourg

  • New collection: Blätter aus der Walliser Geschichte

  • RERO DOC highlighting digitized press

    RERO DOC's digitized newspapers can now be consulted through their own specific section of the digital library, perfectly integrated in the document server.
    Thanks to a unique user-friendly environment, a dedicated navigation and new widgets, digitized press is enhanced and searches are automatically performed in full text (except for issues that have not been OCRed).
    This new development is based on the following principles:
    • a specific interface dedicated to searching and navigating within print media, with information on each publication, and with search options and facets particularly relevant to this type of document (date range, weekday and issue selection);
    • for searches performed within the digitized press page, the results are displayed for each daily issue, giving access to the related document (with Multivio);
    • for searches performed from the main server page, only one result is displayed per media title (example), covering all its issues; it is visually distinctive from the results of other types of documents, and offers to bounce to the detailed list of results in the digitized press page.
    • the digitized press available on RERO DOC is highlighted by a clearly visible entry point on RERO DOC's main page, and by a specific entry in the "Type of document" facet.
    For the general public, this new development reaffirms RERO DOC as an important single point of entry for a large variety of document types, including digitized newspapers. Currently, the daily newspapers deposited in RERO DOC include 7 regional titles from the cantons of Fribourg, Neuchâtel and Valais.

    Digitized press page

  • RERO DOC: 2 new collections

  • RERO DOC : new interface

    RERO DOC proposes a renewed user interface, improving on efficiency and ease of use.
    Main highlights:
    • Facet navigation, encouraging content discovery
    • An improvement of fulltext search, more visible, and with the list of results displaying highlighted text snippets
    • The simplification of the default search field, more in line with user's expectations and most current search engines
    • A virtual showcase in the home page, featuring specific document collections
    All of this is provided along with a visual redesign, which follows the new visual style shared by all RERO sites.
  • New collection: Journal « La Gruyère »

  • RERO DOC & Multivio: improved integration

    The digital library RERO DOC has been offering its users the possibility of visualizing its documents directly inside the site's page. The content is presented in a dedicated Multivio window that superposes the corresponding document's description. This offer has now been improved with the following new features:
    • The possibility of moving and resizing the Multivio window, with its size and position being preserved between successive uses
    • A visual indication, in RERO DOC's view, of the last visualized document
    • Larger thumbnail images
    • Better visual alignment of the thumbnails, for documents with multiple files
    • Display of a generic thumbnail in case Multivio does not yet support the type of certain files (those files can be simply downloaded, as usual)
    Some tips and advice about the Multivio window:
    • For visualizing it, click on the thumbnail or on the "quickView" icon
    • For moving the window around, hold and move its top bar with the mouse
    • For maximizing it to full-screen mode, click the top-right "+" button; you can then click the "-" button or double-click on the top bar in order to restore the window to its previous size and position
    • For closing it, click on the "x" top-right button, or hit the <Esc> key
    • The window can be resized using any of its borders and corners
    • By holding the <Shift> key while resizing the window with the mouse, its width/height ratio is maintained.
    See the example Olympic Games Antwerp (Belgium) 1920 VIIth Olympiad: General programme.
  • Multivio: release of the first official version, 1.0.0

    After a series of beta versions launched since February 2010, and integrated into RERO DOC at each release, the first official version of Multivio (1.0.0) has been launched and installed in RERO DOC.
    This version brings the following new features:
    • new "grid" mode for the thumbnail palette
    • improved search results:
      • results are broken down by file in the case of multiple files
      • total number of results displayed
      • search expression emphasized in the result list
      • search tool displays a warning message if the file has no searchable content
    • improved text selection (linear instead of rectangular), which allows a more precise definition of the selected region
    • merge of the "pan" mode in the overview palette, which simplifies the user interface while preserving the same functionality
    • file downloads now occur in a new browser window, which allows the user to keep the Multivio session in the current window
  • Open Access: scientific publications in Swiss law

    On the initiative of its Main Library, the University of Zurich commissioned Professor Dr Reto M. Hilty and Dr Matthias Seemann to draw up an expert opinion on Open Access. The focus of interest is on questions of law related to what are known as repositories, i.e. internet servers that serve to make scientific publications available. In particular, the question arises of the extent to which publications that have already been published by scientific publishers are permitted to be deposited in repositories.
    Professor Dr. Hilty is a director at the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law in Munich and a professor of the law of immaterial goods at the University of Zurich.
    The expert opinion has been translated and is now available in three languages French, English and German. This includes answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).
    The documents are available here.
  • Multivio: new release 0.2

    The new release (0.2) of Multivio is available on RERO DOC. This new version proposes new features:
    • major performance gain (due to an optimized approach for transferring content from the server)
    • content rotation
    • dynamic zoom (images are requested to the server with the required resolution)
    • full-page and full-width zoom modes
    • support for additional metadata formats: MARC21 and MODS
  • Multivio: a new document viewer

    The contents of the digital library RERO DOC can be seen using the Multivio prototype. Multivio is an open-source project lauched by RERO and funded in the framework of ", the Swiss electronic library". The project proposes a new user-friendly way to display digital documents without any specific plugin or software apart from the web browser. For all digital documents composed of one or more files, this version allows the user to:
    • display the internal structure of a document in the navigation panel
    • list the thumbnails,
    • zoom in the content.
    This prototype is still experimental, and the project team is working on new functionalities. A public demonstrator available at: allows anyone to test Multivio with their own documents. Further information can be found in the Multivio home page.

    In RERO DOC a simple click on the "Multivio" button allows to display the contents of a record.

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